Online Trading Academy Research into Retail Traders and Investors

Mike Richardson, CEO of, OTA recently decided to survey retail traders and investors. In April 2021, Online Trading Company involved 1000 students in a survey in responding to issues affecting retail traders and investors. At OTA, investing in acquiring insight on how the students undertaking the knowledge is critical in helping secure the financial freedom of the learners. Notably, they have emphasized the ever-evolving markets. The changes and shifts that markets go through affect what the Academy teaches its learners. It ensures that the students have the latest strategies and methodologies at their fingertips.

At the end of the survey, OTA notes that about 70% had no experience before coming to the Academy. In addition, those who had experience in financial markets were at the beginner level. Online Trading Academy encourages novice learners to continue trading in the simulator mode as they go on with their studies. More than 37% of the responders added that they spend about 6 hours dealing actively in simulator mode. Moreover, 70% of the students continue to trade live in the market. It ranges from Futures, Stocks, Options, and Forex. However, 83% of students admit that they do not trade Cryptocurrency.

The survey also reports that about 64% of the students do not practice day trading. In addition, about 47% of the students practice swing trading, either in terms of days or weeks. About 17% per cent of the respondents involve themselves in long-term investing and position trading. Learners spend more than 10 hours per week acquiring information from tutors and instructors from Online Trading Academy. Due to the emergence of COVID, 53% of students report that they prefer in-person classes to learn online. However, Online Trading Academy looks forward to reopening its centres. On managing risk, 76% report that they are more educated, and 81% respond that they are in a better position regarding how markets work.

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