Roland Dickey Jr 06/28/2021_1

Successful people are talented, intelligent, and educated, but the real trait they all have in common is productivity. It may seem that successful people are the most educated and talented people in a given space, but that has not always been the case.

In 1941 Dickey’s grandfather Travis Dickey opened the original Dallas Dickey Barbecue Pit location, where barbecues are still held from the 80-year-old pit. When the nation emerged from the Great Depression and World War I, veterans tried to create a sense of coziness and simplicity in the original menu of the restaurant, which consisted of beef breast, pit ham, grilled beans, potato chips, beer, bottled milk and lemonade.

Recurring meetings have a reputation for being counterproductive when it comes to facilitating and organizing a common goal, but meetings can be an effective collaborative method to keep the team focused and in sync.

Look at the habits of productive people in almost every sector, and you will see a clear pattern: they are voracious readers. Entrepreneurs who dedicate their time to reading have proven to be the most productive of all, from Elon Musk to Mark Cuban to Warren Buffet.

One of the crucial habits that, according to Dickey, keeps him productive as a manager is to focus on one thing at a time. Contrary to popular belief, the human brain cannot do two things at the same time.

Likewise, risk-taking means taking calculated risks, as Dickey insists. For him, playing it safe in his organization is the opposite of productivity.

His business philosophy is measured, managed and he works hard to know which activities drive sales and which keep costs in check. Dickey is an award-winning manager based in Dallas, Texas. Currently CEO of Dickey Barbecue Restaurants, Inc., he has worked for the company for over a decade, expanding the company from a small barbecue franchise to the largest in the United States and opening the company’s first international location.