PosiGen Serves The Community and Environment Through Passion

PosiGen is a solar power company operating in the north east region of Connecticut and southern region of New Orleans. The goal of this solar company is to make this resource accessible to all; especially communities of color and low to middle income families. Energy consumers have the option of leasing solar energy plans. At PosiGen, this opens the door of opportunity to customers who wouldn’t typically be able to afford solar energy for their homes. Some of the company’s main goals are to save consumers money and provide employment opportunities to the same communities they provide service to. By sticking to their mission objective, PosiGen strives to make a difference in the environment and community.


In a recent blog post, the growing solar company touched base on how solar systems save consumers money on their energy bill. One way solar energy clients save money is through incentive programs. Some companies offer homeowners discounts and rebates for the use of their solar panels. Staff members at PosiGen explain that this is because their energy choice helps lower the amount of carbon emissions; and as a result, preserves the environment. Another way clients save money from using solar systems is through metering. All homes operating with electricity have a metering system. This is used to gauge the home’s electricity usage. 


When a homeowner chooses to use solar energy, they receive a credit for the energy that their house produced independent of the meter.  When choosing to join PosiGen, consumers have the option of purchasing their solar equipment outright or selecting a leasing option. Those who buy upfront will continue to receive one monthly bill. Homeowners who choose to lease will receive two bills each month. The company offers a saving money guarantee. One will be from their regular energy provider and the second bill will be the flat rate monthly lease from PosiGen. All clients receive a written guarantee of their energy bill being lowered. Homebuyers also receive free efficiency enhancements. Maintenance and equipment optimization are included in the solar panel purchase. The maintenance services offered by PosiGen include air leak seals and panel system upgrades. This can result in up to a 30% increase of energy efficiency.