DSI Brings Newest Version Of Inventory Management Solution To The Cloud

Data Systems International or DSI Global, is the inventor of the cloud-based inventory control software, Cloud Inventory, which uses real-time data and predictive analytics to increase the accuracy, visibility, and control of the physical supply chain. The solution delivers on the promise of “Total Inventory Management”, because it provides flexibility, automation, and total visibility of manufacturing and distribution operations. The platform can be used to manage material and product inventory across the enterprise.

Cloud Inventory by DSI uses advanced technology to deliver operational efficiencies and visibility across virtually all channels of inventory activity. With Cloud Inventory, Data Systems International has added visibility to a traditional inventory control system and a superior supply system.

Designed and developed in house by Data Systems International (DSI), Cloud Inventory is an effective, proven solution that is easy to install, with no hardware to buy or install. As such, it is easy to integrate into existing operations, and while it does require a base level of support from Data Systems International, it is an all-inclusive solution that can support clients through all stages of a supply chain.

As part of its inventory control strategy, Data Systems International identifies new market opportunities, adds value for existing clients, and increases revenue. The company continues to consistently grow its client base and its resources, and it is an industry leader in product offering, professionalism and expertise.

Built around a simple, intuitive technology platform, the platform has many unique features, such as an intuitive user interface and a seamless user experience. Because Cloud Inventory is designed to work on every device, including tablets and smartphones, the platform is readily available on-site, via mobile app, on the web, or through an on-premises deployment.

Cloud Inventory is a highly configurable solution that allows users to define individual workflows for all their inventory management processes, from entering the raw materials to the final sale. This ensures that even a small number of users can meet their needs while dramatically improving productivity and keeping inventory safe.

What’s More, with the introduction of Cloud Inventory, DSI is adding a unique, proprietary approach to inventory management. Unlike traditional, on-premise-based inventory management systems. See related link to learn more.


More about DSI Global on www.scmdojo.com/cloud-inventory/