Richard DeVaul Efforts In The Regenerative Field Of Innovation And Design

Richard DeVaul is a research scientist, technology and design professional, and CTO with hands-on experience in innovation, engineering, and executive roles. He has led successful projects innovations that have generated billions of dollars, such as Apple, Google, venture start-ups, and MIT Media Lab.

Richard is a holder of more than 70 US patents and has worked with the most innovative, brilliant people in the US, particularly Silicon Valley. With his experience in innovation, Richard believes that innovation in itself is not benign. Instead, it is about changing the order of existing things.

In addition, Richard DeVaul believes that invention does not happen overnight; instead, it takes years, centuries, or decades for an idea to be positively accepted by the world. When Richard started his career, his primary focus was inventing and providing creative problem-solving skills in all aspects by developing new technology. However, there was little to no impact on his tedious work, which led him to believe that he was doing it all wrong.

Richard discovered, as an investor, one can come up with creative problem-solving skills all day, but if you cannot focus on the correct problems and the ability to work on your vision, then your idea will have no impact on the world. After years of research and studying about innovation, Richard DeVaul discovered that innovation works in three stages: insight, design, and execution. However, most organizations and companies find it a challenge to work through the three innovation stages.

As an innovation specialist, Richard DeVaul believes that innovation is not about creating something new but improving or upgrading the existence of something. For instance, James Watt, a steam engine inventor, was believed to be the first to develop the steam engine and industrial revolution, but that was not true; instead, what James Watt did was improve and create a new steam engine design. Refer to this page to learn more.


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