Robert Kraft Reveals Planned Upgrades For Gillette Stadium For 2026 World Cup

Gillette Stadium, home to the New England Revolution, an impressive Major League Soccer side owned by Robert Kraft, is among the many stadiums in the country pursuing the opportunity to host some 2026 World Cup Games. The rush for these limited opportunities started after FIFA revealed that the US, Canada, and Mexico would be hosting the 2026 highly prestigious world soccer event. All of the hopeful stadiums would need various modifications to get them to the event’s standards. Kraft recently revealed the planned upgrades for Gillette Stadium.

Expanded pitch and new real tuff

This American sports industry investor said that the first order of business at Gillette Stadium would be to remove some of its pitch-side seats to create room for expanding the pitch and the pitch-side media area. Robert Kraft mentioned that since the stadium was opened in 2002, its pitch width falls short of what is required for the world cup. Additionally, there would be a heavy media presence for such an international competition, and they will need more pitch-side space.

Robert Kraft added that the stadium would also be carpeted with new real tuff as required by FIFA for World Cup events. This would be the second time that he is pushing for a stadium he owns to host World Cup games. During the 1994 event in the country, the Foxboro Stadium, home to his then newly acquired New England Patriots, was also converted to host some games. This is why Robert Kraft is quite optimistic that Gillette Stadium would be chosen.

About Robert Kraft

This New England Revolution owner is a Columbia University and Harvard Business School graduate and has been in the business sector since 1965. He is the CEO of the diversified holding enterprise, The Kraft Group.he’s held board positions in various entities like the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and Viacom. Follow this page on Twitter, for more information.


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