Ombori Research Reveals How Customer Values Affect Business

In the business setup, consumer values influence the spending habits of consumers. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, consumer values have been different compared to the former generation. The pandemic forced people to readjust their spending habits and concentrate more on the most functional needs. Recently consumers have shown interest in where their products are ferried from and their production process. Sustainability has been a key topic to consumers as they show concern for their safety before consuming products. Consumers want to support more sustainable brands.

Also, consumers have shown a big concern about health and safety as it has proven to be an important aspect of the ultimate customer experience. Health standards have always been an important concept to shoppers. The safer the products are the higher chances of your consumers remaining loyal to your brand. Since the pandemic, health and safety have been a primary topic as people had to sanitize, wear masks and observe social distancing to avoid spreading the virus. Today consumers need assurance that their retailer’s service givers value their safety by maintaining precise health standards in their store. Ombori identified the following as the key practices suppliers should observe to maintain the health and safety of their clients.

  • Appropriate signage
  • Crowd monitoring
  • Climate control
  • Elimination of physical hazards
  • Suitable ventilation
  • Adequate lighting

Another consumer value that clients have insisted on is the availability of options in the market. Ombori marketing research reveals that it considers showing an interest in wanting choices while shopping. To ensure that all consumers are satisfied, and expectations met, retails have maintained the option demand by delivering omnichannel solutions. This allows retailers to operate both online and offline as they market a broad range of shoppers.

According to Ombori research identifying, the needs of consumers is always vital to the success of a business.

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