Citizen App: The Best Safety App For Spotting Crime Potentials

Citizen App is indeed a force for good. Launched in 2016, the app has played a significant role in offering real-time crime updates to clients. One of the incredible things about this innovation is the live video feature that enables individuals to see the ongoing occurrence of an emergency, event, or crime as it unfolds. The safety app enables users to get real and instant stories about what’s trending or happening within.

This is one of the top-notch technology innovations you can trust when it comes to staying informed and safe. And yes, step up Citizen App brings forth instant access to authenticated 911-information, keeping yourself and your family safe.

Most amazingly, the app has gained popularity to feature over 7 million users. As of May 25, 2020, the digital app featured over 234000 downloads, with individuals leveraging it to check police presence and guarantee safety at demonstrations. The safety app highlights the significance of avoiding potentially dangerous happenings. Its real-time updates alert users on prospective incidents prior to police taking action.

The app has hit the headlines in enabling people to take necessary precautions. For instance, Citizen App was significant in finding an abducted boy in Manhattan. The cutting-edge app is fundamental in spotting missing persons and broadcasting live videos.

Sure, Citizen App notifications go swift, allowing users to take necessary precautions quickly. The app’s growing popularity has taken a toll on Android and iOS. And yes, it has tremendously expanded its footprints to cover various cities, including New York, Toledo, San Francisco, the Phoenix Metro Area, Cincinnati, Chicago, Baltimore, Austin, and Atlanta, to name a few. See this page for additional information.

The app stamps out discrimination treating everyone equally. Getting started with this digital innovation shouldn’t be a backbreaking thing. With the app, you stand a chance to share live broadcasts and enjoy the SafeTrace feature that tailors instant information about the covid-19 pandemic.


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