Away With Steph Korey!

According to Away CEO and founder Steph Korey, a MBA graduate from Columbia University, retention by experience via on-the-job training is preferred while academic achievement, ironically, takes the backseat, Steph Korey emphasizes her management philosophy wherein experience indeed trumps academic achievement when it comes to startups, although conceding that both are instrumental in one’s career. Korey states that the role of CEO would not have been a reality absent the MBA she earned by taking exams in a hotel room.


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Away, an e-commerce startup for luxury luggages, was reported by The Verge in December 2019 to inhabit a highly toxic organizational culture, purportedly fostered by its very founder. The report went viral, and shocked Korey subsequently relinquished her prized role and ostensibly acknowledged her contrition while Stuart Haselden took the helm. Undampened, Korey assumed the role of executive chairman, largely in charge of her employees and ordering them to refrain from providing any sort of feedback, let alone on a personal basis. The New York Times, meanwhile, published that Steph Korey was incessantly bombarded through social media channels, stating that the founder’s fetus was also being cyberbullied. Concerned for the very survival of her company, Korey finally conceded.

Utilizing her expertise from working for two online companies, Warby Parker and Casper Mattress, both offering high quality products minus the expenses of a traditional brick-and-mortar base, leveraging high quality, incorporating features such as resiliency and charging ports into Away luggages, with information from customers, generating constructive feedback, drives the sustenance of her business, Korey advises via Girlboss, adding that information is power.

Multi-ethnic with Lebanese father and Romanian mother (both immigrants) Korey adds that her love of travel imbues her with a passion for cultures. Away with Steph Korey!

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