Built-In-Charger and A Charging System, A Unique Feature in Steph Korey's Away Suitcase

Have you ever found a stuck person at the airport due to their torn suitcase? Well, I bet you have. To avoid such scenarios while traveling, it is important to invest in a long-lasting and durable suitcase. Steph Korey is one person who has always had a thrilling passion for the luggage industry. Her passion was spiked when her grumpy friend called her to vent out her disappointment in her traveling suitcase that was torn making her get stranded at the airport. This was the time that Steph was finalizing her last semester at the business school in Columbia.


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Steph Korey immediately embarked on looking for a long-lasting and durable solution for travelers across the world. To comprehensively understand their frustrations and fears, Steph sought to engage over 800 travelers. She was committed to finding out all the processes from packing to getting to the airport. After her extensive research, it was evident that the majority of travelers were worried about either paying extra for their weighty luggage or fighting with carry-ons. By the end of her research, Steph Korey was convinced that the market needed a durable suitcase with stronger zippers and wheels.

When Steph Korey completed her studies, she embarked on a journey to Asia to meet with manufacturers. It was funny that she was also a culprit of a half-broken and cheap suitcase that she used to pack her take-home exams. While in Asia, Steph worked with two experienced and industrial designers. Her main aim was to develop a product that comprised of stronger zippers and wheels. Subsequently, the outer shell was to be developed from a light metal like the one used in making fighter jets. The most innovative and admirable feature of Away suitcase is the presence of a charging dock and built-in battery. Travelers do have to get worried about their phones’ batteries dying as they can plug them and other USB devices for charging.

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