Eduardo Sonoda the CEO and Founder of Eduardo Sonoda Advisory

Eduardo Sonoda is the founder and CEO of Eduardo Sonoda Advisory. He was born and raised in East London, attended the University of East London, and graduated in 2011. After working for other companies and being a dedicated person, Sonoda found his way into the top rank by working for big marketing companies in the United Kingdom. He decided to start his own company after spending six years in the marketing sector; his gained experience and skills helped him a lot in a customer-focused approach in creating the Eduardo Sonoda Advisory Company. The company currently has more than seven hundred employees. Read more here:

When Eduardo Sonoda became an international marketing advisor, which helped him use his considerable experience and expertise to lead and offer quality advice to his clients to succeed in their daily business activities. His firm started as a small entity with only seven employees, but it expanded very fast to have more than seven hundred employees. Currently, the firm has clients all over the world, ranging from startups to the Inc. 5000 firms. Eduardo is still the current president and chief executive officer of the Company.

Eduardo Sonoda also offers no-nonsense talk to top business publications regarding marketing activities. These actions have made him lead personnel in the marketing advisory sector. Sonoda is also a philanthropist, and he is well known for his charity promotions in London and other parts of the world. He works with international organizations that provide disaster aid to many undeveloped parts of the world, including countries in Asia and Central America. The interest in becoming a successful entrepreneur started early, although he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. The business and marketing course he took on campus and six years of building his marketing career opened the door for him to start his marketing advisory company.