Brandon Taubman, Data Scientist at Stablewood Properties – Lessons from Building a Successful Business

Today, Brandon Taubman is no longer limited to trading stocks or options. In addition to his role at Stablewood Properties, Taubman is the groundbreaking data science company Big Data Science, Inc., or BDSI founder. Taubman uses Stablewood and its clients’ analytics to help investors and organizations make more informed investment decisions. For instance, Taubman has helped commercial mortgage real estate investor TIAA CREF identify over $1 billion of valuable assets that weren’t as appropriately valued on the balance sheet.

“Data science is a complex blend of statistics, software engineering, and computer science that enables the rapid and automated processing of large volumes of data,” said Brandon Taubman. “When applied to real estate, it enables us to observe more granular patterns to identify trends, learn from our data, and then communicate this information to a wider audience to drive proactive investment decision making.” “These concepts are not new to the real estate industry, but applying them to our everyday decision-making has led to rapid growth for our business,” said Taubman.

How does data science help businesses? Brandon Taubman: I think the biggest impact of using data science in business is the ability to use data to make decisions. In my opinion, almost every decision in business is data-based, especially in the area of acquisitions and other major decisions. Historically, buying a business or choosing which one to acquire would be based primarily on personal relationships and market assumptions, but now with big data, you can measure a company’s value without having to rely on personal ties. When you do this, the revenue/earnings potential of acquisition is much higher than if you try to guess who a potential company is based on how you want to be treated.

Why did Taubman move to Stablewood Properties? Brandon Taubman: The team here at Stablewood was just so aligned with my values that I chose Stablewood because of its focus on being efficient with our time, minimizing friction in the process, bringing domain expertise to the table and aligning with our values. It’s a well-respected brand, and it’s local, so I felt that was important. Stablewood utilizes technology to help us analyze how well we are doing or if we’re on track with our goals. One of the things we’re trying to do is make sure that all of our investment properties are doing as well or better than their peers.

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