Krishen Iyer on Culture Change

Krishen Iyer is the owner and founder of Encinitas-based consulting company Iyer Consulting. He has been working with small and large businesses since the early 1990s. Iyer Consulting is based in Encinitas, California. He works with small to mid-sized businesses on strategic planning, alignment/re-alignment/creative destruction, talent acquisition/retention/development, organizational culture change, and other management issues. Krishen Iyer, at MAIS Consulting also provides training programs for executives, managers, and HR professionals. Krishen Iyer Consulting has offices in the U.S., France, Canada, India, and the United Arab Emirates.


  1. Experience


Successful serial businessman and CEO Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur, consultant, and author. He is also a marketing expert Krishen Iyer has been working with small and large businesses since the early 1990s. He has worked with companies in a wide range of industries in the areas of Strategy, Leadership, Talent Management, Organization Design, and Culture Change. 


  1. Education


The entrepreneur Krishen Iyer holds a BA from The University of Washington (Seattle), an MBA from The University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business, and a Ph.D. from California San Diego. His research focused on organizations and leadership development. The business mentor is an Adjunct Professor at UCSD, where he teaches courses in Strategic Management and Organizational Design.


  1. Achievements

Up to now, the marketing expert and serial entrepreneur Krishen Iyer has received numerous awards and recognition for his work in the areas of Strategy, Talent Management, Organization Design, and Culture Change. He was recognized as a “Top 100 North American HR Thought Leader” in 2016 by the Principal (Vegasnews).


 In 2017 the outstanding businessman was recognized as the “HR Thought Leader of the Year” by HR Magazine. In 2018 he was named the “Top 50 Most Influential People in Talent Management” by HR Magazine. Krishen Iyer has been a significant contributor to the HR field in his expertise. He is an expert in organizational design and leadership development. In addition, he has worked with many different types of organizations. Many organizations have recognized his work.