The Whitney Wolfe Perspective On Dating

Whitney Wolfe knows the challenges of the dating world. She has created the app that people are talking about that is allowing women to make the first move.

This is something that she was interested in doing when she started another popular app called Tinder. She knew that women did not have the same level of domination that men had when it came to dating apps, and she wanted to change this once and for all.

When she made a conscious decision to create Bumble, Whitney Wolfe knew that she would be in a territory that had not been chartered before. She felt confident in what she was doing because she had already done the research. Whitney Wolfe knew that there were women that were going to be interested in this type of dating app environment. That is why she proceeded to go forth even though she did not totally know what she would encounter.

Whitney Wolfe has made a transition in the dating world as someone that has done with the competition was not considering. She was thinking outside of the box even when others that were competing against her were simply creating carbon copies of the same thing over and over again. Whitney Wolfe did not want to be someone that created a carbon copy app. She wanted to be an originator that could change the way people looked at dating.

The biggest challenge that she would face is trying to create the app that would be familiar even when it was something that was different. This was not something that everyone would be able to do. A lot of other companies were riding the wave of familiarity because they know that this is what people have become accustomed to. What Whitney Wolfe wanted to do bring forth change.

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