How companies like Securus Technologies are helping change U.S. prisons for the better

Throughout the history of the U.S. penal system, until recently, prisons often did more harm to the inmates than good. Although the goal of prison has always been the reformation and reintegration of inmates into society, the ways in which the American prison system attempted to accomplish those goals have often been at stark odds with what reality has demonstrated actually works.


In the early 1800s, the first prisons beginning popping up throughout the United States. One of the first ones was a large prison located in Auburn, New York. This prison eventually became the model by which all others were constructed and run throughout the United States. Called the Auburn System, this mode of criminal justice gave rise to a system that involved the almost complete isolation of inmates throughout their entire stay in prison. Prisoners were not even allowed to talk during chow time. And most were confined to closet-like cells with nothing more than a bucket for sanitation and a bucket containing somewhat fresh water.


The problems with the Auburn System became readily apparent by the 1920’s, when most penologists admitted that the system had caused far more harm than good. Many inmates ended up going permanently insane and recidivism rates were such that hardly any inmates were ever meaningfully reformed. This led to a new direction in criminology, with inmates increasingly being allowed to socialize and exercise in the yard. Inmates were also given increasingly humane quarters in which to live.


Today, Securus Technologies, the leading communications company in America, is taking reforms to the next level, through humane technologies like its video visitation platform, which allows inmates high-quality, face-to-face interaction with their family members on an almost unlimited basis.


Through Securus video visitation, inmates are able to maintain meaningful relationships throughout their periods of incarceration.


Serving with Diligence-Securus Technologies Inc.

Over the years we have been a leading organization in the offering of civil and criminal justice technology resolution to assist the public in monitoring, correction, public security, and investigation. Ever since our creation, we have been serving a broad range of clients in the correction industry and us hard working hard to improve and upgrade our services as well as products. Once a week our management team has been making sure that our customers get new products which have been assisting them in dealing with crime issues. We have been receiving emails as well as letters from clients who are happy with our services, and some of their comments and compliments are as listed below.

  • A customer mentioned that using our telephone services, they were able to use the records to file a case regarding a corrupt staff member. The investigation led to the arrest of the staff.
  • A correctional facility monitored its call record and got information concerning the use and the purchase of d rugs by the inmates. The telephone records also gave information regarding threats and money transfer.
  • Another happy client mentioned that their organization has been using our services and products and they were glad that our company has been improving the services over the years.
  • Our investigation tool has been of great benefit to correctional facilities when it comes to handling harassment complaints.
  • An inmate conversation was of great help to one of our customers after listening to it, and it helps and serves as court evidence.

We are an inmate provider firm with our Headquarters located in Dallas Texas. Ever since our creation, we have been devoted to offering services including emergency response, communication, information management, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, public information, as well as monitoring of products and services. We have been serving more than 3500 correctional facilities across the nation and over 1200000 inmates in the United States.