How Does Richard Mishaan Dominate the Interior Design Industry?

New York City is synonymous for the uber wealthy and fashion forward people of the world. For a city with so many wealthy people, it comes as no surprise that these people demand a superb interior designer who can bring to fruition the visions they have in their mind. The interior designer at the top of their list is Richard Mishaan Design. Richard Mishaan is a genius when it comes to creating a space that is to his clients utmost desire.


How does Richard Mishaan keep creating such sought after designs after 20 years in the business? This might have something to do with his ability to create a space that combines items some might not think go together. For instance he enjoys combining century old items with modern day pieces to create a space that still flows and somehow matches. His ability to create these spaces is something that few designers can actually do, especially to the degree that he can.


Growing up in Columbia, Richard Mishaan had a passion for this industry early on. He went on to study at the University of Columbia Architect School and to obtain a BA from New York University. He has worked with some of the most elite interior designers, including Philip Johnson. After cultivating his talents he has able to set out on his own and create a true name for himself in this industry.


Over his years of training and developing his personal style, he has authored two books that cater to the dreams of any interior design lover. The newest book, “Artfully Modern,” gives readers an inside look at some of his greatest designs, including his own homes. His talents are on full display as well as the style that attracts so many clients. Creating such unique, but modern, designs is a talent that Richard Mishaan fully possesses.


In a time where being classic with design can come across as boring, Richard Mishaan has found ways to combine elements to create breathtaking homes. His knack at creating spaces that are classic, modern, and unique all at the same time is a talent that is not common in other interior designers.