Ross Levinsohn Is Right at Home as CEO of Maven

Ross LevinsohnIt only took five years after his graduation from American University for Ross Levinsohn to become the director of production and marketing enterprises at HBO. After six years, he was the vice president of CBS SportsLine. In his next position, he had reached the top. That’s when he had a nearly two-year stint as the general manager for Alta Vista.

In the year 2000, Ross Levinsohn became the president of Fox Interactive Media. Ross was in charge of running all of the internet operations for this organization. This meant that Ross was involved in several of the most famous brands at the time, and these included,,, IGN and Myspace.

In 2012, Ross Levinsohn stepped into another huge role in a major company. After being employed at Yahoo as the head of global media, Ross took over as the interim CEO until the new CEO could take over.

After Ross demonstrated that he was capable of performing the job of CEO, others began to offer him the position in their companies. In 2017, Tribune Interactive hired him as CEO. In this role, he was at the head of the digital arm of Tribune Publishing, and he took part in publishing several well-known publications. These included the New York Daily News, the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times along with more than 100 other titles. He also served as the CEO of the Los Angeles Times for a period.

In 2019, Ross became the CEO of Sports Illustrated and continues at this magazine today. In 2020, he increased his duties as CEO when he accepted the invitation that the executives at Maven presented to him to take over as CEO of their company. He was the logical choice because of his experience as the CEO of the aforementioned companies and his expertise in finance, media and technology, and Maven is lucky to have him.

In addition to all of the impressive jobs he has had, Ross has also been a strategic advisor for both companies in their early stages and those that have been around for several years.