Georgette Mulheir – The Humanitarian

Georgette Mulheir started working in Haiti in 2014 to establish a support and protection system for vulnerable children and families. During her work, she discovered a developing form of child trafficking where some organizations for fake orphanages were established, deceiving and coercing low-income families to give up their children so that they could siphon donations from churches and volunteers in the USA. According to Georgette Mulheir, there is a continued state of lawlessness due to stalled elections in 2020, the parliament dissolved, and thus no functioning democratic structures at national and local levels.


Human rights defendant Georgette Mulheir believes Haiti faces considerable challenges, kidnappings and even massacres have become the way of life for Haitians. In the current crisis, she believes that the people of Haiti need help to restore peace and democracy. Georgette Mulheir believes that pressure must be put on Haitian authorities to end violence. People who fuel violence, be brought to justice, which will create conditions for a return to democracy. Activists like Georgette Mulheir are putting pressure on the UN to change course. 


Organizations like Defend Haiti’s Democracy have collaborated in Haiti and internationally to pressure the international community to act. Georgette Mulheir insists that the world cannot stand and watch injustice. This movement is gaining Momentum as last month, and the UN Security Council raised severe concerns regarding the deteriorating human rights and democracy situation in Haiti (Newsanyway).


The security council came up with recommendations such as starting with a transitional government made up of experts. Then, In the next two to three years, register eligible voters and organize free and fair elections. After that, the government should initiate the careful process, Georgette Mulheir points out, including representatives of all Haitian society to build trust and democracy among the Haitian people. This process should prioritize concerns on poverty, end of violence, and justice for the people. However, according to Georgette, there is fear that people will refrain from voting for fear of reprisals, and thus security concerns should be addressed by the government.