Founder of Terranova Corporation, Stephen Bittel

Stephen Bittel has four decades of experience in the commercial real estate sector. He is also the founder and chairman of Terranova Corporation, a successful company in South Florida that acted as an agent for more than $5 billion in commercial properties such as Morgan Stanley and New York Life. Stephen Bittel was born and raised in Miami and later achieved his undergraduate degree from Maine. He spent a year studying under the Watson Fellowship and then attending law school at the University of Miami.

Bittel founded Terranova Corporation from scratch while still attending law school. Although he took time to finish his studies and pass the bar exams, he still worked hard to ensure his company is running. Initially, Terranova operated a commercial property for a local partnership. As time went by, the company expanded to office buildings and industrial parks.

The company’s relevance has been growing continuously, and its strategy is to shift to urban retail centers such as Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. Due to the pandemic, the company continues to serve retail areas while searching for new opportunities that present themselves.

Stephen Bittel never thought that he would become an entrepreneur because his father and grandfather were lawyers; he believed that he would follow in their footsteps. He worked full-time at a commercial real estate firm and discovered that he had a knack for it. When the company decided to increase his salary, Stephen noticed that he could do better independently.

Stephen wakes up a six every morning, inspects his orchids then hits the gym. Since he leads the company, his days are always different because of his experiences. Since Terranova Corporation is based in South Florida, he has a strong attachment to this place and serves the community. Stephen Bittel was elected Board Director for the Chapman Partnership and Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation.