Kfir Gavrieli Talks On What Heroes Are All About

Inspired by the power of design to move markets and get people talking, Kfir Gavrieli had the idea to start Tieks while on vacation in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Gavrieli met a young ballet dancer on a fateful Saturday afternoon who wore nothing more than her undergarments and a black leotard to lunch during his outing. Immediately enthralled by the ballet dancer character and her sporty and edgy outfit, Gavrieli asked her name, where she was from, and what she did for a living. Kfir Gavrieli created his brand, Tieks, a brand for women who like to dance.

In 2012, Gavrieli, with his wife Irit Peleg, founded Give 2x, and two years later, with Tieks’ inception, Tieks launched its Give 1x campaign. This initiative, which raised over $30 million from over 6,000 contributors, offers anyone a chance to give back to two charitable organizations of their choice. In their latest venture, the Give 2x 2x campaign, they created an identical Give 1x Campaign, for which over $35 million was raised from around 40,000 individuals.

Gavrieli not only wears his heart on his sleeve, but he wears it on his feet. For more information on Gavrieli, visit www.thegreatdiver.com. If you were to buy a pair of flip flops, you would typically find the flip flops displayed on an end cap, placed alongside other branded footwear, and within proximity to sneakers. In the case of this particular style of shoe, however, you would first have to select a pair of shoes to walk on, forgoing the shoe display altogether. Visit this page on LinkedIn to learn more.

As one of the world’s most recognized startups in the fashion and footwear industry, and one that has spread its service to men’s clothing as well, Kfir Gavrieli has set an example of how a company grows. He is committed to simplicity and focusing on its core brand as opposed to offering the high volume of products that customers expect.

Much like Arun Gandhi, an author and social activist who passed away in 1996, Gavrieli is making waves in fashion for not only his fashion skills but also his sheer practical application of these skills to social good. No matter the footwear, Tieks will support educational programs that promote development in impoverished communities. Gavrieli also uses Tieks to fundraise for a variety of nonprofits ranging from LGBT and environmental groups to women’s groups.


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