New Ventures of CEO Michael Patrick Carroll

Michael Patrick Carroll, CEO of CARROLL, has recently merged his company with LCOR, and has high hopes for the partnership of the two real estate investment corporations. CARROLL, headquartered in Atlanta but with regional offices from Tampa to New York, has been run by M. Patrick Carroll for fifteen years now, and has been successful in real estate ventures, raising almost 3 billion dollars in equity and selling, purchasing, and developing over 11.7 billion dollars in real estate. Both companies, now merged, are interested in the development of real estate in the Sunbelt region of the United States, and have already conducted several successful collaborations, including the acquisition of Tortuga Point in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the making of ARIUM Morgan Falls. M. Patrick Carroll is careful to take consideration of all risks and factors when purchasing, merging, or developing real estate, and it is through this care and expertise that the merger with LCOR and their combined ventures have been a success. He is confident that his company’s merger with LCOR will continue to be beneficial, considering both his and his team’s knowledge of the real estate sector. Outside of business, Michael Patrick Carroll is a believer in philanthropy, and donates to more than fifty charities. He takes a special interest in the education and wellbeing of the youth, considering that his own rise and success was due to his ambition, drive, and determination. He wishes to show today’s children, including his own three, that anything can be possible when you work hard, study hard, and stick to your own values.

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