Sujit Choudhry and Security Reform

There is a document that is called “Security Sector Reform in Constitutional Transitions” which helps in bringing reform to security agencies around the world. This helps in the creation of democratic foundations in multiple countries around the world as the sense of military control is coming to an end. Security services are necessary for a reformed manner to help in the formation of democracy so that these over-reaching governments do not take over and use it for themselves. The document has three sections which Sujit Choudhry assisted in the creation of to cover information on dictatorship, social issues in these countries and police. Read more at wikiquote

Sujit Choudnry worked with three other professionals to help in the formation of this document to help other countries in becoming democracies. These three individuals turned the document into an ebook which they edited together to be sold on Amazon with a goal to help others help authoritarian countries change. Choudhry is an expert in this way of work as he actually is the director for an agency called “The Center of Constitutional Transitions.” He has researched in a variety of ways for the idea of constitutionalism among countries that need to be changed to democracies, and he has ultimate authority on this information.

Sujit Choudnry has always been at the forefront of helping constitutional law become a reality in countries transitioning to democracies. He has been an advisor for countries going through the democratic processes, including those such as South Africa, Ukraine, Egypt, Jordan and more across three continents. He has actually spoken on the importance of constitutionalism in countries around the world in order to try to bring about change. Though he is the director at the center aforementioned that helps in these transitions, he is actually the founder of the agency as well which has made great change.

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