Jason Hughes, Serving San Diego

Jason Hughes has become a well-known name in the city of San Diego. Whether a person is seeking to build a commercial property, negotiate pricing, rent, build, or manage a property, Jason Hughes has become almost a household name. He has lived and worked in the area for over 20 years as a tenant representative. For those looking to lease or purchase in the area, it is not likely that anyone would have the San Diego expertise that Jason Hughes has. His work is focused on the clients who hired him. 


This means that Jason Hughes puts the client first and is willing to work hard to achieve the desired outcome by getting his clients the best deal possible. His negotiation skills are remarkable and help his clients put more money into their pockets. Jason Hughes is especially skilled with some of the larger deals, and has brokered some of the tenant lease transactions that San Diego has seen. 

He has also secured leases for properties that are more than 10 million square feet. With a fighter like Hughes fighting for his clients, they are able to rest a bit better at night knowing he is representing client´s needs and interests. Jason Hughes really does maintain that trust. For many years, Hughes has transacted purchases or leases of vast pieces of property. Therefore, he boasts of vast exposure in going through the tough leases, prior negotiations for condos, hotels, and even high-end offices.