Michael Capiraso Paces to Assist JoggingBuddy as Advisor

JoggingBuddy recently announced the news of Michael Capiraso joining as Advisor and Shareholder. The industry innovator was quoted saying that he knew he wanted to support as soon as he was introduced to the platform. Capiraso was inspired by the Founder’s work and passion behind jogging and running; with the inclusion of a buddy system. This partnership should prove successful with both entity’s progressive history. Michael Capiraso has experienced significant success with partnerships throughout his career. His expertise has helped major corporations and professional sports teams alike increase success rates. Some of the successful entities helped by JoggingBuddy’s new Advisor includes the National Football League, CK Clothing, WPP, and New York Road Runners. The latter, NYRR, serves as the NYC Marathon organizer. Michael Capiraso is currently the CEO and President for this organization.

Source: Bloomberg

The success that Michael has experienced along his career is a result of delivering natural growth and innovation to the companies and organizations that he aligns with. Utilizing strategic advertising through means of modern technology and holistic thinking has been a common theme in his success with different companies. Michael Capiraso has many recent successes in the jogging and running the industry. During his time with NYRR, their yearly profits doubled. In addition to this, he played a key factor in getting the organization new partnerships with companies such as New Balance and TCS.

JoggingBuddy was initially planned to be a small running group that encouraged people to live a healthier lifestyle by running, jogging, or walking with a partner. In the proceeding decade of its start, JB would grow to reach more than 100 countries. The organization‘s beliefs is that staying active is a key to life. Tony Piedade founded JoggingBuddy in September of 2009. He currently aids the organization’s major operations while running at least three times every week.

Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelcapiraso