GordonStoun Building Character and Resilience in Young Students

Schools know that Academia is important, but only a few schools focus on character development as well.

Learning important qualities like honesty, ethics, teamwork, and collaboration lead to happy childhoods and people who lead productive and fulfilled lives.

Today, most schools seem to be focused on scores and grades, especially because a good mark leads to a good university placement.

However, many schools are now losing their focus on character development.

Gordonstoun school believes the strength of character, communication, resilience, and teamwork are essential skills for life.

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That’s why this school has never followed typical school models and does not focus solely on exam scores. The school offers a holistic curriculum that develops all aspects of a child.

Gourdonstoun offers many opportunities for students to improve and develop character qualities that will help them through their life.

The school offers courses like sail training, expeditions into the wilderness, volunteer services, and many important academic skills.

Lessons are not always confined to the classroom walls at Gordonstoun. Teachers often hold lessons outdoors and give students real research opportunities.

In the Gordonstoun sailing programs, students learn skills they can’t get in a classroom.

They learn to be resilient and to work as a part of a team. Often students find they are capable of more than they thought.

Gordonstoun does believe academia is an essential part of a good education, but it also recognizes that there are experiences like community service that are very educational as well.

Senior students must join one of the 9 community service activities available to them.

Junior students also have community services such as cleaning the beach, playing music for older people in residences, or raising funds for charities.

Gordonstoun also has several international service activities in Romania, Thailand, and Kenya.

This type of effort allows the student to be exposed to new cultures and gives them a sense of social responsibility that allows them to give of themselves without expecting a financial reward.

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