Why Joseph Ashford Ellis Values Business Networking

Business networking is one of the traditional marketing techniques that most of the business entities in London were using to create awareness about their products and services. It was a very effective technique because it used to bring very different business owners together where they would contemplate their business entities. However, things seem to have significantly changed over the years. Joseph Ashford Ellis has noted that a huge number of companies are no longer using networking in their industrial operations.


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The lack of business networking is not something that Joseph Ashford Ellis has been taking lightly in London because he has already seen very many organizations succeeding. That is why he has maintained this operational approach in his organization despite the fact that a huge number of companies seem to have moved away from this traditional approach that most of them were using to create awareness about their products.

According to Joseph Ashford Ellis, the issue of industrial competition has played a very central role in discouraging most organizations about the issue of business networking. This means that most of the companies have a feeling that networking or creating a friendship with their competing organizations will obviously affect their operations in the market. That is why such entities have decided to look for ways to expand their operations in the industry without any need to network in other organizations.

There is also the issue of ensuring that the company is always learning from other companies. Joseph Ashford Ellis isof the view that learning from other organizations can easily help in the growth of a business and ensure that such a company is making some major inroads in the industry. Most of the organizations that have been interacting with other entities through networking already know how they can share their experiences in the industry, which helps startup companies.

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