ClassDojo Helps With Class Management

ClassDojo is a classroom communication app that allows teachers to communicate with parents and teachers. Teachers can receive messages directly from parents. Schools can post school wide announcements. Teachers can even find out which students will be out sick. Each student has an avatar on ClassDojo, and when a student does well in class they can receive positive affirmation markers that are noted in the classroom so students are made aware when they are doing well in class. Similarly, points can be taken off if they are misbehaving. Teachers can also post and share class videos or photos with parents, creating a stronger sense of connectivity to the classroom. Outside of lessons, There are personal growth videos that can be shown that are taught by Mojo, ClassDojo’s mascot.

ClassDojo was structured around getting feedback from 20,000 teachers. This allows the product to fit the classroom really well. The overall interface and utilization was structured, in part, by educators that would be using the product. It has some type of presence in 90% of schools in the United States. ClassDojo has also been translated into multiple languages and is being used everyday by 1% of the global student population between grades k-8.

However, the fact that the app is free has created a problem. In app purchases aren’t a valid option since the product is being used primarily by teachers and students. One potential approach to this problem is by creating content for parents to utilize at home.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the two co-founders of ClassDojo. At the age of 25, They decided to work together after they realized they shared a common interest in education. Over the next six years they worked with teachers and investors to build their company into the educational presence that it is today.

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