Why QNET Is The Best E-Commerce Direct Selling Company To Join


QNet is a network marketing company that places an emphasis on developing and maintaining strong relationships with its distributors to provide them with valuable and inspirational opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally. Members of QNet are the sales force who purchase products that are then manufactured and shipped to them for sale through their network, based on their own specific needs.

Launched in 1998, QNet is now the world’s largest direct selling company offering products for sale to more than 50 million members worldwide. It offers businesses the potential for sales of products worth more than $5 billion annually. QNet allows entrepreneurs to start up their own business with the best products, sales training, customer support and online training for potential members.

Although the company does not guarantee business success, its products are formulated with ingredients that will assist its members in achieving their goals. All QNet products are in top quality and backed by international research. QNet’s membership scheme helps you gain financial independence and becomes your key source of marketing and distribution.

Like it or not, the huge demand for direct selling business will continue to grow at a rapid pace, as people become more and more health conscious and interested in the wellness benefits of natural products. Direct selling, which started in Asia and was revolutionized by Oprah Winfrey, now has an extensive customer base in the USA and other developed countries.

QNet’s success lies in its continued commitment to e-commerce, especially in China where it launched its cross border trade business via its “QnetStore” online store in 2004. Today, over 830 million people in mainland China have come to trust QNet for their health and fitness needs. Qnet Ltd currently holds a wide range of licensing agreements for its consumer products in countries such as Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries across the world. Visit this page to learn more.


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