Challenging Complacency – Richard DeVaul On Workplace Diversity

Top companies are finding that their performance pace increases when they hire a diversified team. Part of this increase performance stems from diversified workers facing difficulties co-operating with the more similar workforce already in place.

When compared by researchers with more singular sourced workplaces, the lack of novel approach was evident in the culture’s accepted normal behaviors and absence of perspective when faced with roadblocks to project completion. Employers looking at hiring different background experiences, gender and cultural viewpoints, skills and traits are learning that the ensuring difficulties in functioning introduce problem solving opportunities as well as opening marketing bases that went largely unnoticed by other workers.

Often a worker that feels comfortable in their group finds little reason to look for change in the activity of the group dynamic as its taken as abnormal and thus few ideas are put forward that lead to improvements. On the opposing spectrum a background set against ones peers allows a different take on perspective and can influence one to strive for greater cooperation if they don’t immediately find common ground with their peers.

One party that exemplifies this observance is the female worker, particularly ones of color. Having faced an uphill climb to being represented in the working world, women in corporate management and wealth management positions have shown a greater drive to increase productivity and company performance as a consequence of difficulties faced in their careers addressing shortcomings brought on by biasing. This holds for the percentage of women currently in the top performing companies surveyed in the past recent years. Circumventing these shortcomings to enable clear work flow opens the team to open mindedness and creative problem solving when given a directive and meeting shortcomings.

Richard DeVaul started in the then named Google X development where team efficiency and project management served as a focus for his skills in Visual Arts.

DeVaul has since consulted with numerous startups and major brands such as Apple and Google in senior positions of development. His latest projects are consulting firm HyperSolve and he co-founded Kei Ventures which seeks to link top industry talent with global industries.

DeVaul’s mission is centered on helping people understand the innovation culture. He seeks to use innovation as a tool to develop a real value for companies and the entire community.

Richard DeVaul advocates for a change in the technology and innovation industry. He is a progressive thinker who serves as the founding partner and consulting CTO for HyperSolve. DeVaul graduated from Media Lab at MIT, where he developed a computational graphic design program. He also worked on creating a wearable memory support device for his dissertation. Click here to learn more.


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