How Vik Bansal Manages to Lead Cleanaway During Times of Change

As the CEO of Cleanaway, a waste management company in Australia, Vik Bansal is responsible for 230 companies with 20,000 employees. The state of the waste management industry has changed dramatically throughout the years and will continue to change as technology progresses. By leveraging technology and developing sustainable business models, Cleanaway has managed to stay ahead of the curve.

The government of Australia introduced a landfill levy as an incentive for companies to reduce waste and recycle. This was a significant change in how businesses handled their garbage and ultimately required significant changes at Cleanaway. Bansal and his team had to find ways to deal with the changes, and he believes that this will continue in years to come.

“While we may have a new Federal government for the next three years, I think governments are going to be committed to change over the next decade or so,” explains Bansal. “I look at it as an opportunity.” Another major challenge for Bansal and his team at Cleanaway is dealing with the different regulations in each state or territory.

Bansal has managed to leverage the state of the waste management industry in Australia to his advantage. By using technology, he has been able to develop different sustainable business models that suit the market. This has helped Cleanaway create a strong reputation in the industry and restore the condition of waste management across the country.

Vik Bansal is a highly experienced executive with over twenty years serving in different management positions. His experience and knowledge in the waste management industry have allowed him to expand Cleanaway’s operations and improve overall efficiency. He has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, including Business Leader Awards and Most Admired CEO awards.

This has made him an outstanding leader who can lead a company successfully through all the changes and challenges faced. Bansal’s experience in leading Cleanaway has made the company successful.

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