David Schmidt Career Progression

David Schmidt is the idea behind the establishment of LifeWave technology.

He is the chief executive officer at the company leading its inventive plans, including product development.

His excellent skills go in hand with his educational background from Pace University, where he pursued Management Information systems.

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With a need to explore, David Schmidt dared to pursue several entrepreneurial endeavors.

This was when his venture into the business world began to now owning a company.

His innovative skills made him major in manufacturing and product development.

He involved himself with several companies, one being Advanced Application Group which was a research and development hub that focused on energy production technologies for military and commercial usage.

While at the company, he established new procedures for the manufacture of hydrogen and oxygen, metal combustion rocket engines, and bladeless turbine power generation systems.

His excellent skills to come with innovative approaches were recognized.

He was awarded an honorary doctorate and was invited to perform in the Navy’s next-generation mini-sub program.

Being so careful in his invest LifeWave Technology was found out after three years of intense research.

David Schmidt wanted to come up with the concept of being in a position to naturally increase energy and stamina through the elevation of fat burning.

Also, by utilizing wireless communication to the human body via phototherapy.

Over the past fifteen years, LifeWave Technology has made this dream come into reality.

Since LifeWave was launched in 2004, David Schmidt has directed the company to global operations and promoted its growth into different regions worldwide.

Also, the company has been a success through tut innovative phototherapy patches which use reflected light to promote health and wellness.

Schmidt’s Career journey has been a success.

He advises entrepreneurs to always focus on their professional effort to give the best in their field.

Come up with an intentional process for how you run your schedule to ensure your efforts are effective.