Andrew Frame Discuss The Nitty-Gritty Of The Citizen App

Just like numerous other emerging industries, the public safety app industry is widely misunderstood. Recently, Andrew Frame, the founder, and CEO of arguably the industry’s fastest-growing firm, Citizen, came out to discuss the nitty-gritty of the Citizen App to clear the air.

Why use the Citizen App?

According to Frame, the reality is that there are many unsafe situations like crime in the cities. Unlike traditional media, which covers only the main stories due to various factors, the citizen app enables its users to know of any happenings around that can pose a threat to their safety. He clarified that knowing of incidents around you that can affect your safety is very empowering to many people, and that’s why the Citizen App now has 7 million active users. These users are from the 22 major cities where the company’s services are available, and it plans to expand to other cities rapidly.

Is the customer data safe?

Andrew Frame said that there is a lot of concern from tech consumers about the safety of their internet data. He revealed that this is not a concern that anyone using the Citizen App should have because its collects minimal data. Moreover, the company doesn’t rely on selling data to make money. Although using the app is free, there are advanced features that the user has to pay for. This enables the company to stay in business without doing anything fishy with its customers’ data. See this page for more information.

About Andrew Frame

Frame launched Citizen in 2017 and set up its headquarters in New York. Before this, he had founded a successful consumer telecommunications company, Ooma, in 2004. The success of Andrew Frame can be traced to when he was 15 and got his start as an entrepreneur by launching an internet services company. Besides business, he has also had a prosperous career as a software developer and has worked for notable companies like Cisco Systems.


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