DSI’s Cloud Inventory Software

DSI recently announced its intention to integrate its Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory Management services in the Salesforce platform. The integration will improve the services of the cloud-based platform that offers customer relationship management services (CRM) among other enterprise applications.

DSI wants to optimize the field services of Salesforce by offering seamless integration of its cloud-based platform, Field Inventory. The platform applications will enable Salesforce users to know the location and state of inventory as well as tools in the field.

The benefits the integrated software will offer to Salesforce customers include inventory tracking and issuance of service orders. Interestingly, the Field technician can update the work order status in the application. The entered data will be efficiently integrated into the CRM system, thus allowing timely customer response.

Companies using Salesforce rely on CRM to be successful. Interestingly, the companies depend heavily on field services provided by DSI. As the CEO and president of DSI notes, the software is paramount for Salesforce users since it gives real-time visibility to all field operations, enabling users to meet customer demand. Therefore, the integration of software into Salesforce’s platform will achieve optimization of CRM systems, thus improving field service orders.

Cloud Inventory aids in providing real-time inventory visibility. The information gathered aids supply chain personnel to make informed decisions. Consequently, DSI teams have vast experience and knowledge in mobile-first development and supply chain systems that enable them to develop cloud-based solutions.

Cloud Inventory is one of the essential software that distributors and manufacturers should have. DSI developed the software to aid in inventory control to achieve optimization, hence increasing productivity.

The DSI software tracts many items, including inventory, tools, assets, consignment materials, and jobsite suppliers. Interestingly, all the activities happen in real-time, whether online or offline. Besides, the software provides inventory location and authenticity visibility in real-time. Thus, the software gives control to the users over their inventory. See this page for additional information.


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