How Miki Agrawal Is Building Entrepreneur With Mindvalley Company

Prosperity in business starts with a tinny idea. These ideas come to mind of entrepreneurs in funny ways like brainstorming sessions or will in a shower. Despite the source of new business ideas, entrepreneurs are excited with limitless ways to make their ideas work. This concept of new business ideas and trying your best as an entrepreneur to make it work Miki Agrawal is familiar to it. She likes speaking a lot about this concept. For instance, in 2022, there was an increase in the new small business application because, during the lockdown, the entrepreneur had enough time to think and come up with new business ideas.

Miki Agrawal is a successful social entrepreneur. Many people refer to her as a creative businesswoman. In 2020 she partnered with the Mindvalley organization and developed a program to help small businesses launch without any financial strains. The program was known as “Zero to $100 million” and benefited both poor and prosperous entrepreneurs. During the launch, Miki Agrawal presents a few launching, creating, and promoting new brands.


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“Zero to $100 million” has empowered students a lot. It has offered free master’s classes and helped talented students build an effective business program and advertise this business through social media. In this master, class students were given a lot of tips on how to build a successful business brand without having ample funds or resources and even without a degree.

Miki Agrawal’s journey as a successful entrepreneur did not just happen overnight. She has retrospect a lot of business opportunities, but most of these opportunities didn’t please her. She gains a business foundation after completing an entrepreneurial class in a business school in New York. After completion of her studies, she started working as a bank analyst in New York, but later she left the bank and decided to do what she liked most in her life. She started playing soccer, but she got an injury that forced her to leave the pitch and work as a video producer.

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