Krishen Iyer and the Success of His Companies

Krishen Iyer is a successful entrepreneur experienced in insurance and consulting. Before founding his own company, the California-born and raised businessman graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in arts of public administration and urban development. Selling insurance and managing companies gave Krishen Iyer years of experience needed to start his own company. 

The successful entrepreneur Krishen Iyer first founded Managed Benefits Services firm, a company that assists insurance agencies with outstanding marketing opportunities. Up to now, they specialize in both health and life insurance and help their clients structure their contracts. Krishen Iyer sold Managed Benefits Services in 2020 and moved on to his next project, MAIS Consulting. MAIS Consulting Firm is another California-based company. 

They help agencies with their marketing strategies and policies. The company is focused on helping agencies grow and succeed as much as possible. Mais Consulting has helped many clients by advising them on where to improve and showing them the gaps in their strategies. They prefer to work beside their clients and be their personal advisors for all things marketing. Krishen Iyer has proven his success with his companies and the impact he has made on other companies is astronomical. He has many great plans for the future of Mais Consulting.