Inspired by a Memory of Stepfather, a Gordonstoun Pupil Raised £3,000 for Brain Tumour Research.

Possibly the most frightening, unknown, and misunderstood medical condition, brain tumors kill more people than any other cancer worldwide.

Most types occur in the brain or brain stem, with glioblastomas (brain tumors) being the most common.

It is thought that 85% of all glioblastomas occur in people over sixty, and children less than ten are not often affected.

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Although the cause of glioblastomas is unknown, experts suspect that high blood pressure is involved.

They believe that this may lead to a “cluster” of blood vessels being formed.

A fundraising page in Mr. Malcolm’s name raised £3,000.

Speaking about her inspiration for the marathon challenge, Ms. Sykes said, “Paul was incredibly proud of the school and to be involved in the event.

He was such an energetic, fun man whom I miss immensely. After the charity page, I was overwhelmed with the support, and the proceeds will go to the Brain Tumour Research.”

Ms. Sykes said, “I just wanted to do something nice in his memory.

We were never close, but he was a charming man and helped me when I was a teenager.

“He died a few weeks after we had met on a train, and I realized I would sort of miss a whole part of my life.

“I felt guilty about it, I wanted to raise money in his name for something good, and I could not think of other things.”

At 8 am on Saturday, forty students ran the 10k on a wet and miserable morning with temperatures hovering around 1C.

Many wore their school uniform in memory of Mr. Malcolm, who worked as a mental health nurse.

This can damage the brain’s blood supply and allow cancer to increase, particularly around the pituitary gland in the hypothalamus, which controls hormones.

“I made the event because it is a fundraising tradition, and I love running.

I set it as a matter of urgency because it was the first chance I had to fundraise for brain tumor research,” she said.

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