David Schmidt, the Mind Behind Various Innovations including Power Generation

LifeWave’s technology was invented by David Schmidt, the company’s Founder and CEO.

He acquired over three decades of expertise in business and product development and professional training in Management Information Systems and Biology from Pace University in Pleasantville, New York.

Following that, Schmidt embarked on a series of business ventures, eventually becoming the Owner of profitable industrial and project management firms.

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Advanced Applications Group, for example, was a production and innovation organization that majored in power generation for military and industrial use.

Schmidt created innovative ways to manufacture hydrogen and oxygen during his employment with AAG and designed mockups of multi-fueled, bladeless engine electricity production systems and steel rocket motors.

Dr. Alexander Marinaccio of the International Hall of Fame of Inventors conferred Schmidt an honorary degree to celebrate his accomplishments.

He was also chosen to take part in the Army’s next phase mini-sub project because of his work developing emergency oxygen systems for General Dynamics.

The LifeWave Technology is the product of Schmidt’s three-year exploration into the possibility of naturally increasing energy and drive by increasing fat metabolism utilizing wireless transmission to the human body using light therapy.

As a result, people can now use LifeWave Technology.

Schmidt has spent nearly three decades working to make this vision come true.

He has ninety-four registered patents, thirteen awaiting patents, and several other patents in the pipeline.

In addition, more than seventy patents have been given in the subject of regeneration science and technology.

One of his discoveries, the Double Helix Conductor, creates a new combo of electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic fields to accelerate tissue repair speeds that rival stem-cell injections.

As a result, he realized that the treatment could stimulate an individual’s stem cells into Schmidt more youthful condition rather than needing the administration of costly and possibly dangerous stem cells.

As a result of a decade of research, the X39® patch was developed.

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