Ryan Bishti Set Rules for the Food Scenes During the Pandemic

Covid 19 has brought in negative impacts to businesses and even led to the closure of some of them. Restaurants were most affected, and some of them did not survive. Some of them have been researching solutions that will help bring business back to normal. Therefore, Ryan came up with simple rules that would guide them during challenging situations. 


  1. Invest in your staff


The workforce is essential in running any business. Restaurants in London had to make sure they retained their employees despite the rise in the cost of food and other utilities. According to Ryan Bishti, appreciating your employees by giving benefits may help you keep them. However, poor management and failure to enhance the best working environment may affect the employees. London restaurants were advised to avoid all those situations. 


  1. Support local agricultural


Since the supply chain was affected by the pandemic, the cost of food continued increasing. Restaurant owners were aware of the situation, but they could not control it. They feared losing potential customers. Thus, they raised the price of their sold food. Though Ryan Bishti advised them to support the food producers, the supply chain won’t be affected. Restaurants owners were to do that by the food grown locally at a low price alongside the imported ones. 


  1. Consider the space available in the restaurant.


In most cases, the restaurant’s progress depends on the space meant to be used by the customers. However, according to the Covid 19 restriction, customers had to keep a distance; thus, restaurants could accommodate fewer customers. This year, more space will be required since the business will be back to normal. Therefore, there must be enough space to accommodate a large number of customers. Restaurant owners are advised to add more rooms. Consequently, they will take advantage of the situation and make more sales than in 2021.