Jason Hughes Adventures in Hughes Marino

In 1989, Jason Hughes graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in business administration. He then joined the University of San Diego, where he graduated with a Masters in Business Administration in 1993 (LinkedIn). 


Besides studying at San Diego and Pepperdine University, Jason Hughes has also taken executive programs at UCSD, Harvard, and UCLA. As an industry expert, many television programs and business publications have showcased him. The founder, chairman, and CEO of Hughes Marino, Jason Hughes started his career in the 1980s. Working at Cushman & Wakefield in Los Angeles was the start of his career. 


From Los Angeles California, he moved to the great San Diego, where Jason Hughes worked for almost thirty years. While in San Diego, the successful CEO was a representative in negotiating leases and purchases of corporate, non-profit, and municipal tenants. Jason and his wife have been very prominent in the commercial property industry. Hughes Marino, the tenant and buyer representation company, has played many roles in the industry. Jason Hughes and Shay, his wife, have focused on providing deeper client services. 


As market leaders, they have turned the industry around for the best by adding service and results to all their customers’ relationships. Hughes Marino has also opened branches all over the country. He also pushed for new legislation, which is now a law. The new law increased transparency and fairness for California commercial tenants. Led by Jason Hughes, Hughes Marino has helped companies develop strategic solutions for all the tenant and buyer representation needs. The Hughes Marino company has a high level of confidentiality, which makes them understand.