Reasons to Seek Efficient Services from PosiGen

Through the PosiGen Renews energy program, the company provides homeowners with the opportunity to lower their utility bills while helping their community reach its clean energy goals. Their objective is to build a more sustainable energy future through their energy independence program. Instead of paying high utility bills, homeowners pay $100 annually to PosiGen to cover the cost of installing renewable energy technologies on their homes or business. These technologies are like solar panels, LED lighting, or energy-efficient windows and doors, but they can also act as an energy storage system.


Such devices can then provide electricity during peak energy periods, including low-demand times like daylight hours, holidays, and weekends, to help stabilize the home’s energy consumption. With rebate-backed financing, this program has quickly become a leading choice among low- to moderate-income homeowners. Renewable energy from PosiGen impacts the world’s energy system by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and fossil fuel (FC) emissions. If the Paris Climate Agreement is successful, much greater energy production and consumption will be required.


By harnessing the sun and wind, renewable energy has a small environmental footprint. Consider that two percent of the energy produced by their plants is required to travel the “carbon debt” to get it from the source to the tailpipes, or chimneys, of their homes and businesses. Meanwhile, as PosiGen staff members point out, approximately 3% are required to power their cell phones, and another 1% to power their cars. Working with their clients to lower their utility bills:


  • It is an easy process.
  • Their customer service team can be highly responsive, and they create easy pathways to lower monthly utility bills.
  • Energy audit preparation, which costs only $100/home.
  • Solar panel installation to its optimal performance level (after a simple set-up)
  • Installation from PosiGen engineers (or referrals to qualified and screened providers to connect homeowners to needed services: Energy audits, weather installation, and their.


Unlike a traditional renewable energy purchase, their program allows residents to support local, sustainable renewable energy generation right in their backyards.