Gary McGaghey Success as CFO

The COVID-19 pandemic rendered a lot of change in the workplace, with managers being forced to adapt to the new norm of managing a remote and hybrid workforce. Apart from working conditions and redefined managerial roles, the traditional roles of the CFO took a shift as a result of the pandemic. The roles of these finance leaders have expanded in scope, with them taking center stage as problem solvers and strategic influencers. Aligning business strategy to fiscal policy and corporate innovation has become key responsibilities that CFOs have embraced.

Gary McGaghey is a renowned CFO with vast experience in finance and currently works at Williams Lea Tag. Gary McGaghey has held various positions such as CFO, COO, Executive Board Member, and Vice President of Logistics in several companies. Gary achieved a lot of success at Unilever, where he has had significant experience by holding various roles, including CFO for one and a half years. During his time at Unilever, he had a breakthrough in his career where he oversaw successful acquisitions by the multinational. Working with global brands saw him serve as CFO at Nelsons for two years before joining Williams.

At Williams Lea Tag, Gary McGaghey has also achieved tremendous success. With Gary at the helm of the finance docket at the billion-dollar multinational, mergers, acquisitions, cost restructuring, and balance sheet refinancing have been successfully implemented. Besides studying at the University of South Africa, Gary also studied at the University of Natal and is a Chartered Management Accountant and a Chartered Accountant. With a strict, non-varying schedule, the CFO has his day well planned, with meetings and calls taking up most of his time. Evenings for him are spent preparing for the next day. A firm believer in teamwork, the CFO values collaboration with his team to bring forth ideas. More insights from Gary McGaghey on Medium