Bhanu Choudhrie talks about the future of the Aviation Industry

Though the airline industry is not quick to adapt to changes, the pandemic has forced it to change faster. It is visible through the innovative simulator-driven programs that use a digital-first approach to train commercial pilots. The founder of Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), Bhanu Choudhrie, is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He offers simulator training services to commercial airline pilots.

Bhanu Choudhrie established the firm to offer affordable pilot training services for budget airlines in 2006. Such airlines do not have the resources to develop comprehensive training programs, so they outsource training services. AAG is among the few industry regulators approved providers for Multi-Pilot Licensing (MPL).

MPL relies on simulators instead of traditional training methods, significantly reducing training costs. Additionally, the approach also improves safety standards for the trained pilots. It exposes its pilots to passenger jets early, which is beneficial as planes are becoming technologically advanced.

The changes brought forth by Alpha Aviation Group in pilot training were long overdue because the traditional training methods have been in existence for 80 years with little real advancement. Besides pilot training, COVID 19 has accelerated the evolution of regulations that control airlines. Bhanu Choudhrie adds that he was happy about the immediate decisions made by airlines in their efforts to safeguard COVID-19 transmission globally.

However, he criticizes the government for its quick responses in supporting major airlines. Choudhrie notes that major airlines received substantial financial support while small airlines received very little during the pandemic. He is critical of this response, saying that it was not right because such programs should be available to everybody.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated developments, surprising because the aviation industry has resisted change for the longest time. The post-pandemic airline industry will have several long-term changes and high technological advancements. Bhanu Choudhrie hopes to facilitate changes that will make pilots in remote areas access training easily to know more click here.